St Fagans Welsh Museum

Whilst camping in Cardiff my three Children had strangely got their hearts set upon visiting St Fagans, the Welsh Heritage Museum. I had to admit to being a little hesitant. I had three young children and one me, it was a museum.. they could break things.. It had been raining.. I would have to shout.. However, the day that unfolded was a good one.

The Museum itself is very large and open plan. There are lots of buildings for the children to investigate. There are stairs for them to climb, little rooms for them to find and the staff their were good at entertaining the children with stories. Despite the weather (of course it rained a little) we were able to walk from building to building in between the rain. The buildings, houses and churches are big and interesting enough that we were kept entertained through the rain showers and avoided getting wet. It was not long before I realised my pace was not quick enough and my children were leaving me behind as they explored each of the rooms of the large number of buildings they have there.

I like to pride myself on taking an interest in History and got a B at it in school. However, it was not long before I was looking for the member of staff situated in each building to help me with the questions such as “Daddy what is this for?”, “Daddy why did they need these?” and my favourite “Daddy is that a toilet?”. The staff were very good and enjoyed teasing the children with their tales. With the friendliness of the staff my children stopped asking me the questions and went looking for the staff to ask them. That wasn’t me being lazy at all. I actually enjoyed the fact that they became interested and brave enough to ask the questions themselves rather than hiding behind my legs whilst listening to answers. For the adults it is impressive to realise that all the buildings have been collected from around Wales and rebuilt in the situation they are now in. Very clever if you ask me.

For the essential eating I had decided to eat at the restaurant in the museum. I have eaten in museums before and have not been impressed but was delightfully shocked at the good quality of the food. We had the cooked meals, which were actually too much for any of us to finish and very well cooked. the restaurant staff were very helpful as I battled with the demands of three children and what they want to eat, don’t want to eat and why they could not have pudding first. They kept smiling and very calm as my children changed their minds twice with their orders. So, i take my hat of to them.

After lunch I then discovered another section to the museum with a running stream for my children to jump over and a garden for them to run through. There is also the children’s play area situated near the restaurant, for them to burn off their meal whilst I digested at a more leisurely pace. To top it all off, to my children’s delight, a tractor pulled bus to transport you back to the entrance. This was nicely timed as we were all feeling very tired after all the exploring. We had seen several hands on demonstrations of animal car and craftsmanship which the staff made look far too easy.

All in all, we all (from toddler to adult) enjoyed the museum greatly, with me being rewarded with three children wanting to go to bed an hour earlier that evening. With this being a free entry museum, with only a £3.50 parking charge all day. I thought it was a brilliant day out and highly recommend it.


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