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New Mexico Clinic To Offer Breaking Bad Rehab Scholarships

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
As Breaking Bad draws to an end, an Albuquerque mental health clinic is hoping to use the hit show to help methamphetamine addicts end their addiction. The Sage Neuroscience Center is giving away two scholarships to their aptly named “Breaking Addiction” program to addicts who can’t afford the rehab center. The…

St Fagans Welsh Museum

Whilst camping in Cardiff my three Children had strangely got their hearts set upon visiting St Fagans, the Welsh Heritage Museum. I had to admit to being a little hesitant. I had three young children and one me, it was a museum.. they could break things.. It had been raining.. I would have to shout.. […]

Ferocious Testicle-Eating Fish Found in Paris’ River Seine

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
Updated: 9:50 a.m. ET Amazonian fish with a taste for testicles are lurking in Paris’s romantic River Seine, according to local officials. A cousin of the piranha, the pacu has human-like teeth and stirs fear in swimmers and fishermen worried over their extremities. Although originally from South America, the species has…

How Did You Sleep Last Night?

Yes.. It does sound rather bizarre that they got finding and that no one has tested this in hundreds of years prior. Thank you for sharing