The Silent ‘Desk Rage’ Epidemic

It’s all very true!


From printer malfunctions to coworkers who shirk responsibility, office life can incite a little anger in everyone. So it may come as little surprise that more than 51% of Britons admit to experiencing rage at work, according to a new study. Indeed, the average worker experiences angry “desk rage” at least twice a day, with 42% citing Monday as the day they’re most weary — typically by noon — according to the Telegraph.

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Taking a cue from Peter Gibbons in Office Space, the survey  — which was sponsored by Old Jamaica Extra Fiery Ginger Beer — looked at how small irritations can be heightened in work environments. Some 20% of respondents indicated their boss as the most loathsome, while a third pointed to coworkers. Other gripes include employees who spend too much time on social media and take long smoke breaks, as well…

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